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" For over 20 years, I have been paying a lot of money for my electricity bills because I use a lot of air-conditioners in my home to keep my family cool from the typical Malaysian weather. Ever since I purchased the Arctic Save ESP, my electricity consumption has reduced significantly and I am very happy as it does not cost as much as before to keep my family comfortable. Despite the recent increase in electricity tariff, I can still afford to keep my family comfortable as the Arctic Save ESP is saving me more than the increase in the electricity tariff. "
Wong, Businessman
" I have seen many electricity saving products that are being sold today and I am very sceptical if they actually save electricity. However with Arctic Save, I had no doubts that it genuinely saves electricity for me because my air-cond electricity consumption have reduced and the savings % can be proven with my very own TNB meter at my home within 2 hours. "
Jenny, Housewife
" When it comes to electricity saving devices, the first thing I would think of is that it is a scam. However, with the Arctic Save products, I was fully convinced that it is genuine as they have proven to me the savings % using the TNB kWh meter in front of my eyes. "
Prakesh, Marketing Executive
" The world is getting hotter because of global warming and it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to protect our Earth and the environment. I have made my choice with Arctic Save as not only can it reduce CO2 emission to protect our planet for our future generations but also give me savings. So why not choose Arctic Save? "
Faridah, Housewife