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Tips for additional saving

We at Arctic Technologies Sdn Bhd believe that we should always protect and preserve our Mother Earth that we all live in. As electricity consumers, we must put our efforts to find ways and means to reduce our CO2 emission by consuming lesser electricity and reduce our electricity wastage.

With the company’s motto of S.O.M.E (SAVE OUR MOTHER EARTH), here are some electricity saving tips that you can do or perform in your everyday life to reduce your amount of electricity consumption and wastage. With each individual effort combined, we can make a difference in protecting and preserving our Mother Earth.
Switch off all electrical appliances when they are not in use.
Do not leave your electrical appliances on standby mode such as your television set, stereo, and computer as these appliances are still consuming electricity. Switch off the electrical appliances at the main power button or at the power socket.
Use energy saving light bulbs in your homes/office and turn off the lights when you leave a room.
Energy saving light bulbs consumes lesser electricity as compared to the traditional light bulbs. No matter what type of lightings that you have installed in your homes/office, always turn off the lights when you leave a room or when they are not required to be switched on.
Use the sun’s natural lighting during the day.
During the day, make full use of the sun’s natural lighting as much as possible by drawing open the blinds or curtains instead of using lightings that consumes electricity.
Switch off your air-conditioner when not required. Turn on the fan instead.
If it is not necessary to switch on the air-conditioner at any time of the day, switch on the fan instead to consume less electricity to cool your surroundings.
Keep all doors and windows closed when using the air-conditioner.
When the air-conditioner is switched on in a room, keep all doors and windows closed to keep the cool air inside the room instead of letting it escape outside.
Use lower temperature setting for your washing machines and water heaters.
  In washing machines and water heaters, majority of the electricity consumed is used to heat up the water. Therefore, by lowering the water temperature setting, it could significantly reduce your electricity consumption.
Hang your clothes out to dry rather than using a tumble dryer.
When the weather is favourable or suitable, hang your clothes out to dry instead of using a tumble dryer.
Use a full load when operating your washing machine and dishwasher
By using a full load every time you use your washing machine or dishwasher, you are reducing the number of washing, heating and drying time. Hence with a full load, you are reducing the number of times you use the washing machine or dishwasher which will help you to save electricity, your bills, and your time.
Use high energy efficient rating refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers and other electrical appliances.
High energy efficient rating electrical appliances are more energy efficient as compared to lower energy efficiency rating electrical appliances. Hence, when using a more energy efficient appliance, less electricity is consumed.
Make your refrigerator/freezer work more efficiently.
Place your refrigerator/freezer away from direct sunlight, oven, and cooker. The condenser coils at the back or underneath the refrigerator/freezer should be cleaned because it accumulates dust and reduces its efficiency. Defrost your refrigerator/freezer regularly to avoid ice build up which will make the freezer work harder to maintain its temperature. Avoid putting warm or hot food into the refrigerator/freezer as more energy is consumed to cool it down. Defrost frozen food in the refrigerator section as it can help to cool down the temperature inside.
Maximize the use of your cooker.
When cooking, always use the correct size pan or pot in proportion to the amount of food to minimize energy wastage. Cook as many items at the same time when your cooker or oven is hot to reduce energy wastage.
Use your iron more efficiently.
Do all your ironing in one session and iron only the clothes that need to be iron. The iron should be switched off when it is not in use or you have to go somewhere in the middle of your ironing.
Install solar panels in your homes to make use of renewable energy from the sun.
Solar panels can generate and provide clean electricity for your homes and offices.
Use low wattage light bulbs in areas of your house/office that does not require bright lighting
Although the low wattage light bulb is not as bright as a high wattage light bulbs, it consumes lesser amount of electricity. Therefore, these light bulbs should be installed at areas of your house/office which does not require very bright lighting to reduce on your electricity consumption.